How To Survive Party Season

Posted by November 20, 2015 - Survival Kit

With Christmas about a month away the party season will soon be in full swing. With all the pies, food, alcohol and fun you can imagine, it is a tough time of year to stay on track and to not just get lost in the party mode, but there are helpful ways to combat this. Having fun is all about finding the right balance without missing out on any of the fun. And there is nothing better than hanging our with friends and family that you maybe haven’t seen all year, but it sure can be exhausting. We have a few tips and tricks to survive this season.

Plan accordingly

This may not seem like the most spontaneous or fun filled activity but it is nonetheless important. Make a plan about how many parties you will attend – how long you anticipate staying – how much you will drink etc. You can even order a cab before you leave to make sure you stick to your own plan!

Find the right shoes

Holiday parties – at least for me – always involve lots of standing and dancing. There is hardly a moment when we are at a party and we want to sit down. That is why a good pair of shoes are key! And that doesn’t mean just throw on your frumpiest pair. Try a high quality brand that is know for their style as well as their comfort like Clarks.

Pick your poison wisely

If you are not looking to throw your diet off its course too much picking the right drink is key, because let’s admit it, it isn’t as easy to turn down a delicious pie. Red wine is the best to go with if you are counting calories, it generally has less sugar than its white counterpart coming in at about 100 – 150 calories per glass. If you are going for a mixed drink go for something with a clean low calorie mixer such as sparkling water, fresh lemon juice, or diet tonic. Avoid heavily creamed drinks as well as overly sugary soda mixers.

Replenish your body afterwards

Since it is nearly impossible to avoid a drink or two at these kinds of parties, it is important to nourish yourself afterwards. Since alcohol is a diuretic you lose a lot of important vitamins in your body, especially vitamins B and C. The best option is a nutrient rich breakfast with things like eggs, fruit and toast. Another good tip its a bit of light exercise, like yoga or a brisk walk outside.

You’ll find that these tips are not only helpful for Christmas, but even just a busy weekend. It is best to always be prepared, so you never have to miss a party again!

Preview Image: Angelo Pennetta