The Best Summer Hairstyles And How To Master Them

Posted by July 11, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Trends
summer hairstyles

It is mid July, you are heading home from the beach, in your cute bikini and your golden tanned face and suddenly you get THE call:

Hey, we are going out for dinner and heading to a party after that, would you like to join?

Of course, you say YES, it is summer and there are no responsibilities (or at least they do not seem as important in July as they would in February, lets be honest). You run home in your favorite beach shoes and summer dress already thinking of what to wear. Once that part is sorted (Check!), you find yourself dressed in your cutest summer outfit EVER in the middle of your room, right then you look up and see your shapeless, wet hair. Panic arises.

So we created this post to save you from these hair-panic-attacks. Here are some DIY cool summer hairstyles for you to have in mind for the rest of the season.



The messy bun is a classic and probably the easiest one to obtain, specially if the hair is wet. Buns can change in shape and messiness according to your personal style but it will always look very cool.

Our recommendation to obtain the perfect messy bun would be to make it look messy from the front too. Once your hair is already drying, slightly pull out some hairs strategically from the lower sides.




A wet-look ponytail usually looks very slinky on girls with longer and heavier hair, but it can also work in shorter hairstyles. It is as easy as it sounds, simply style your hair upwards with a good brush and tie it up right after taking a shower or washing your hair. Make sure you follow your natural cheekbone lines when pulling your hair up.

Our recommendation to seize the wet-look ponytail is to use a fabric hair band to make that detail look bigger and chunkier and by the end of it spray some hairspray to it, so everything stays in place through-out the whole night.




Letting your hair loose and wet is probably the quickest hairstyle ever and the best way to achieve some beautiful and natural beach waves. You only need to brush your hair the way you like it the most and put some foam gently on the hair and ends. This will make it look wet the rest of the night and it will create those waves you are looking for.

Our recommendation to rock the Beach Wave hairstyle is to find a nice flower and put it on one of your sides, making it look like you just came back from paradise.



A plaid to the side will look very boho and it will allow you to be ready in less than five minutes. All you have to do is mark your hair line either to the side or to the middle and create a loose plait to one of the sides, letting it hang over the front.

Our recommendation on this hairstyle would be to make a Fishtail braid instead of just a common plait. You will love this hairstyle!




A headband braid is also a very summery option although it might be a bit more difficult to do, after some tries you will have achieved a perfect summer look. It is all about gathering two parts of your hair from above the ears and braiding it upwards and attaching it on the opposite side.

Our recommendation on the headband braid is to apply the beach waves style to the rest of the hair for it to look just PERFECT.




Last but not least you can go for a half updo, attaching it at the back of your head with some pretty hair clips. This is a very 70s look that would look perfect with your summer boho dress.

Our recommendation on this 70s hairstyle look is to wear some pretty hair clips that create some attention and match your outfit for the night. It’s a romantic hairstyle that would look very chic all night through. 


Pictures via Pinterest