6 Top Summer Getaways And What Shoes To Wear There

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Ibiza-Summer Getaways

When choosing a destination for the summer holidays everyone has his or her own preferences. While some like city trips, others enjoy more a relaxed vacation at the seaside. From short weekend getaways to extended travels through several countries… Tastes differ!

On the fashion-side of the vacation planning it must not be forgotten that every destination of course requires it’s ‘special’ attire. 

In our list of 6 top summer getaways you won’t just find our favorite destinations for beach vacations across Europe, but also what shoes to wear there! And because summer footwear is all about the wedged heel, we could not resist but include more than one of this stunning models…

Top Summer Getaways And Shoe Recommendations For Each Place

1. Mykonos, Greece

What was formerly known as Greece’s most notorious party island, has now turned out a bit more grown-up but not less fancy holiday destination, with still a lot of cool bars, restaurants and other going-out possibilities. A must (besides the daily beach session) is wandering through Little Venice, the town’s 18th-century district and of course visiting a beach club, like Nammos at Psarou Beach, where nice DJ sounds cater for dancing mood after a sophisticated dinner! 

What To Shoes Wear In Mykonos?



Pat Calvin – Embellished Flat Leather Sandals!

2. Ibiza, Spain

Welcome to Ibiza! as DJ Tiesto would say… It’s reputation as a young, vibrant party place is justified. While it definitely also has it’s quiet and calm sides, the main reason to visit Ibiza should be celebrating. Beach clubs and bars are countless, like the well-known Pacha with David Guetta turning up the volume there regularly. Sharing a bottle of champagne at one of the beach clubs in between bathing is obligatory. 

What Shoes To Wear In Ibiza?


Alisha – Sea-Colored High-Heeled Sandals!

3. Sylt, Germany

Going North for a summer getaway sounds silly? The German island Sylt is a breathtaking place in the North Sea with rambling beaches and dunes and the most charming, typical nordic flair. The place is quiet and peaceful, perfect for taking hikes at the beach or through the beautiful landscapes with the lovely, old lighthouses wharfs. One thing that must not be missed in Sylt is having seafood at one of the rustic, authentic restaurants, like Alte Friesenstube, which is located in Sylt’s oldest house! 

What Shoes To Wear In Sylt?



Tommy Hilfiger – White/Blue Striped Textile Sneakers!

4. Capri, Italy

Italy definitely has a lot to offer – in any regard: food, fashion, places, history,… So it is useless to say that this country is always worth a visit. For enjoying the Italian way of life Capri is the destination to be. Imagine having Aperol Spritz on the terrace above bold cliffs, overviewing the mediterranean sea, surrounded by flower trees and wearing a classy Jackie O. outfit of capri pants and big, round shades. Capri makes one think of the glamorous Italian lifestyle of the 50s and 60s!

What Shoes To Wear In Capri?


Tom Tailer – Red And White Wedged Sandals!

5. Klagenfurt, Austria

The Wörthersee, one auf Austria’s most beautiful lakes, has (almost) as much to offer as the seaside: pretty swimming facilities, a lakeside promenade with restaurants and bars which provide a gorgeous view over the lake, AND there are even some hip events around Klagenfurt in summer, like the famous Fête Blanche or the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam!

What Shoes To Wear In Klagenfurt?


Tommy Hilfiger – White Wedges (for the Fête Blanche)!

6. Nice, France

The French Riviera is mainly a high society spot and not really convenient for an ordinary mortals-vacation? Wrong, if you consider going to Nizza. Among the big destinations at the Côte D’Azur (like Monaco or Cannes) it is probably the nicest place to travel to. The charming city makes it’s guest feel homelike with its little streets, the cozy restaurants at the promenade and not to forget: the worlds biggest ice cream parlor, Fenocchio, which offers more than 100 flavors! Even just for the ice cream it’s worth going to Nice. 

What Shoes To Wear In Nice?


Ralph Lauren – Black Strappy Sandals!

Teaser Image: Amante Ibiza