Style Lessons We Learned From “The Nanny Named Fran”

Posted by August 30, 2016 - Fashion, Things We L@VE

The late 90s were clearly the beginning of a very dark time in fashion, the early 2000s should really be forgotten. During the 90s, many new TV programs and series started airing and within them was Fran Drescher featuring as Fran, the nanny. The series offered us not only a good laugh but it also kept us stuck to the small screen for the whole length of the episode; Frans funny laugh, smart comments and peculiar faces, were just too good to be missed.

The Nanny’s fashion closet was every little girls dream. She rocked every single piece of fabric that was thrown on her, no matter what colour or what pattern, she owned them all, the flashier and more extravagant the better. Even the set was designed and built in a certain way, to make Frans outfits stand out, no matter what she was wearing. The nanny’s wardrobe consisted of very special outfits, flashy colours, unique patterns and different fashion ideas to what was happening at that moment in fashion, which were mainly shoulder pads, striped tops, denim jumpsuits and working-woman style suits. The Nanny had the power of making everything look cool and fashionable, no matter how ridiculous the look was.

The good news is that this specific fashion styles, have not come back YET. Let’s stay positive and hope for it to stay like this, as just a fun part in fashion history, we are not sure how much of this 90s looks we could handle again. One thing we have to confess; Fran’s outfits are totally worth looking at, they have so many things going on that we can barely decide on her best looks to show you. But there is one very clear style lesson we learned from Fran which was; wear what ever makes you happy, not thinking of what the people around you would think. Way to go Fran!

Here are some of her best looks and some items we believe the Nanny would also love to add to her 90s wardrobe. They are unfortunately (for her, not for us!) not as flashy as she would use them but she would sure make them work like a fashion boss. 


4 Items The Nanny Would Totally Go For

Buffalo Green Pumps

Lazzarini Green City Bag

Lazzarini Pink City Bag

Vigneron Suede Booties

Aren’t they all SO Fran?

Pictures via Pinterest