Sparkle, Glitter, Glamour & More

Posted by December 14, 2016 - Fashion, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
glitter, glamour and more

We are in the middle of ball season! This time of the year is always very special and different than any other ‘partying time’. Finally wearing out our finest gowns and dresses, we already feel like princesses from a Disney fairytale when just start thinking about the outfit that we want to wear. Not to speak about the shoes! Balls are such a special occasion that the getting-ready part would already be reason enough for us, to go there! And because we seize EVERY opportunity to dress up and deck ourselves out, we embrace the season even more, as it’s finally the time to get a pair of this stunning glitter pumps that you aways see in the shopwindows asking yourself ‘When will I ever wear such a shoe?’.

Believe it or not, Humanic is already prepared for the season of glitter and glamour and that makes ourselves life so much easier. We will find the coolest pairs of shoes at Humanic for you to be able to start planning your outfit for the upcoming parties. We would totally suggest some sparkles and shine - The good old Cinderella style is always a winner. Do not be scared to style sparkles, as they look great the more they stand out, so try combining them with some strong, matte colours. Blacks, grey, dark greens and even reds, are perfect hues to blend with some sparkly pumps.

This Are Our Favorite Pairs – Be Prepared For Some Glitter…


BUFFALO Pointy Booties

8993664466974_1121423629_2_434183.pngHÖGL Black Pumps


SMH Pumps


GUESS Leather Pumps
9030732185630_1141420517_2_593520.png FUNKY SHOES Pumps


BUFFALO High Heels

And last but definitely not least, our absolute favorites: the pointe Buffalo Pumps which come in two sparkling tones. The color changing unfortunately does not work like this in real, so we had to get them both!


BUFFALO Pumps in Gold and Silver