Sofia Richie, Lily Rose Depp & Co. – Celebrity Kids As The New Fashion Icons

Posted by September 15, 2016 - Design, Fashion, Trends
sofia richie

Sofia Richie, Lili Rose Depp, Jade and Willow Smith and Brooklyn Beckham are some of the many celebrity kids that have now turned into present fashion icons for the whole world. Kylie Jenner, believe it or not is also part of this group of kids, as she (crazy enough) only just turned 19 in August. It is somehow bizarre to think that sons and daughters of celebrities would turn into fashion icons and referents only for the fact that they grew up on the spotlights due to their parents. Far away stays the idea of what a real fashion icon used to be; Farrah Fawcett, Sophie Loren, Bo Derek were within many other beauty goddesses and fashion icons that worked their way up to the top from being just casual teenagers in high school. By then, the 60s, 70s and 80s, it was all about having Farrahs haircut or getting Bo Dereks braids, let alone their natural beauty and unique fashion outfits. Remembering all those fashion and beauty icons of the past fourty years, it makes it more difficult to believe that celebrity kids like Kylie Jenner, Sofia Richie or Lili Rose Depp are now the characters we look up to and in which we focus in order to “be fashionable” today.  

One thing we do have to admit and what is the fact is that this bunch of young personalities have access to the biggest and most respected names in fashion at the moment and this makes it easier for us not to look at them into such detail. Many of them actually continuously kill their outfits. They get to rock dresses that non of us mortals would never even imagine to have the chance to wear. We have selected some highlights of how these well admired celebrity kids rock some beautiful outfits. Good for them!

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Pictures via Popsugar, Nylon and Pinterest