5 Simple Tricks To Make Your White Sneakers Cleaner Than Ever

Posted by August 26, 2015 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

White sneakers, a beloved staple of every season but the problem is they seem to be a magnet for stains. They are the epitome of cool, but give the opposite impression if they are grungy. We feel like we can never have to many white sneakers for this very reason. We have been looking for some good ways to get out shoes clean for so long we have complied some tips just for you!

1. Baby oil will keep you white shoes whiter than white. Use a cotton pad and dab it with the oil and it will remove stains without damaging you shoes… but it may leave a mark on canvas shoes so be sure to just use this on leather or rubber!

2. Throwing them in the wash and allowing them to air dry will make them look almost as good as new! Or of course, using your favorite shoe cleaner goes a long way.

3. When in a hurry, a makeup wipe will get rid of the quick and occasional stain! We knew we loved them for a reason!

4. Bathroom cleaner and a wet wash cloth will on the rubber part of the shoes works really well.

5. Or if all else fails, just buy new shoes!