5 Surprising Way To Make Yourself More Sexy

Posted by September 17, 2015 - Things We L@VE

Do you ever wonder the recipe for appearing more attractive is? Some people seem to have it mastered, while other struggle. Well, whichever category you may fall into, science has come up with an explanation on what makes people seem more attractive to the opposite sex, and no its not just stunning features. There are simple tricks that can turn you into the life of the party.

1. A Sense Of Humor Is Important

This is something that is most important to the opposite sex. Being able to laugh is a huge plus and one field study proved that people perceive it as a sign of intelligence 

2. Being Weird Is A.OK

Having your quirks is definitely a bonus. Nobody wants to be stuck with someone boring and sometimes being weird is refreshing and interesting – not to mention fun! At least according to this Australian study

3. Being Brooding Is Mysterious And Cool

Thats right, seeming brooding is more attractive than a smile. Woman just like a little mystery in their life according to this  University of British Columbia study. Keep in mind it is only based off of first impressions.

4. Be Courageous

Do something that frightens you Jeetendr Sehdev asked 10,000 men and women what they thought was the most attractive and an overwhelming 75% said courage matters more than confidence.

5. You Are Sexier When You Wear Heels

Yes, we’ve been telling you this for years. And now it is scientifically proven that heels make you sexier. The  journal Archives of Sexual Behavior compared women in the same outfit with the only thing different being their shoes. Men were significantly more likely to help women in the heels than flats. I already know you next thought, you need a new pair immedietly. Check out a large selection of beautiful pairs at HUMANIC.net.

 So now get out there and be sexy!