San Sebastian International Film Festival

Posted by September 22, 2016 - Film
San Sebastian International Film Festival

You should get ready for one of the realest, most authentic and chicest red carpets of the film industry. San Sebastian in the Basque Country, presents once more; their very well respected International Film Festival for the 64th time. This film festival is the most important film event in Spain after the Goya Awards. It has been organized for sixty-four times and it has become every time better and better. This film festival follows the style of the well-known Cannes Festival, in France and it reunites the most respected and important artists of the industry in Spain, Europe and around the whole world.

The San Sebastian International Film Festival offers range of festival style movies and less commercial orientated material that is it hard to surpass. It is very common to see Hollywood faces at the Basque film event, since no one wants to miss out on it. This year Fan Bingbing, Monica Bellucci and Huge Grant within many others decided to join the cultural reunion.

The general outfits chosen to attend the festivals follows a very laid-back, elegant and classy line. Guests (specially women) prefer going for classy and chic combinations. The red carpet though, always offers some extremely fine, clever and delicate choices of outfits that leaves us with a very voguish red carpet.

What really haunts us from this specific Film Festival is the amount of authenticity and down to earth touch that it transmits even though it is, without a question; one of the most respected and well known International Film Festival around the globe. We believe the whole event is very original and love the fact that Basque people are so proud of their festival, this gives it that extra touch of legit realness and validity. We have now selected what for us were the neatest moments and looks of the event so far. 

So all we have got left to say is…ONGI ETORRI ZINEMALDIRA! (Which according to our Basque original creative director is Welcome to the Festival!)

SanSebastian_double SanSebastian_double2 SanSebastian_double3 SanSebastian_double4 SanSebastian_double5 SanSebastian_double6 SanSebastian_double7 SanSebastian_double8


Pictures via San Sebastian Festival Oficial and Universo Cine