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Tali Lennox is a true inspiration for all young artist. At the age of seventeen she started as  a model and run the catwalks for Topshop, Prada and Burberry, in 2014, she switched to the art industry where she truly focused on her passion for paint.  Ever since she was a little girl she used to do sketches, paintings and sculptures of everything inspirational, today she mostly concentrates on doing portraits and self-portraits. Expressionism with a strong dark-light contrast, dynamic and passion are the things you will find in her paintings. 

“As an artist, you are the creator, whereas being a model, you’re a part of someone else’s creation. With art, none of it is about the way you look. I spend some days in the same scruffy outfit with no makeup on and paint smears on my skin. It’s not about me, it’s about the canvas. With modeling, you have to take care of your appearance — you are the canvas.” 

Her latest exhibition which is composed out of self-portraits is kind of a feedback to social media and the internet.

“I actually chose to do self-portraits as a reaction to social media and the Internet. I’m ironically calling my self-portraits my ‘selfies,’ because rather than using a cell phone (which is instant) I am taking my time on each detail in a very old-fashioned medium of oil paint. I’m digging deeper to expose elements of human nature that we all relate to but are able to mask online, which is strangely becoming more real and important to many people than the actual world.” 

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