Rainbow Love: The 2017 Official Colour Palette Has Been Released

Posted by January 17, 2017 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends

Not that we adore green, but we could not have imagined a better colour of the year. PANTONE 15-0343 TCX or what we mortals call GREEN, has now been officially “declared” the colour of 2017. Get ready to dive into some very colourful palettes. Expect to see green on the Humanic shop windows, A LOT of it actually (yeih!). Pink, blues and yellows, say hello to a very 00s colour palette that should round off with some very professional layering skills. Is this not too perfect to start off this new year?

The new upcoming collections should all be very rainbowish and we LOVE IT. We think this is the perfect way to start a year, full of colours and eye-popping tones that somehow transmit good vibes and hope. Within the colour palette of this next long year are the next tones; Pink Yarrow, Kale, Pimrose Yellow, Flame, Greenery, Pale Dogwood, Hazelnut, Island Paradise, Niagara and Lapis Blue. What they all have in common is that they are very vivid and expressive. The chosen palette would match perfectly with the upcoming spring and summer months and we cannot wait to wear all of them and merging our grey/black toned winter wardrobe into a very fashionable rainbow style closet.

We have put together a set of images to show you how colourful your world is about to get. Using the latest fashion trends, we were able to create this very stylish colour palette that will make you jump of your chair shouting “I love rainbows!” like a mad fashionista. Okey, maybe we got a bit over excited, but let us show you what makes us so hysterical about the colours that are about to come. Here are some catwalk looks that will make you get a better understanding of our current fashion insanity state – Roll on the Spring world!



Superga Cotu Classic




Gamloong Boots




 Superga Cotu Classic Blue


Pimrose Yellow


 SMH Yellow Shopper


Pink Yarrow


Nike Free Run 2 EXT




 Nike Kaishi


Island Paradise


Nike Air Pegasus




 Gamloong Textil Slipper


Pale Dogwood


 S. Oliver Slipper


Lapis Blue


Geox Ariel

Images via Vogue and Elle