A Very Quick Guide On How To Get The Ellen DeGeneres Look

Posted by January 19, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Pop Culture
ellen DeGeneres

So last night, while you were sleeping very calmly and sheltering yourself from the very cold winter that Mama Earth has decided to throw on us this year, the Peoples Choice Awards were happening on the other side of our planet, in California. This years PCA’s were full of emotions, good vibes, awesome people and some amazing outfits that always inspire us to go shopping (Ha!). However, let stay on track. We really wanted to give a shout-out to the people who chose Ellen DeGeneres as the best daytime show, animated movie and another big bunch of prizes which she was awarded for last night.

Ellen DeGeneres is so beloved by everyone that we could not let this opportunity pass without looking back into the very chic and cool style Ellen usually rocks in every possible situation. Ellen usually aims for a very specific look that consists in very cool suits, that makes every girl on the red carpet have double thoughts on why they decided to go for an impossible dress and Lady Gaga style high heels. Last night however, Ellen decided to go for a nice a very simple look that went totally well with her general style. She opted for an open velvet bomber jacket in a Bordeaux tone and a black polo shirt, combined with some dark jeans.

We have collected a bunch of pictures of Ellen rocking her very personal style throughout the latest seasons and we have also created a Get The Look guide on how to dress like the one and only, Ellen. Lucky enough for us, the Humanic store is full of shoes Ellen would totally go for and we have also gathered them in this post full of style and remember, “be kind to one another!”

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Get Her Look


1. Studio Hop Socks 2. Adidas Stan Smith 3. MbyM Tabita Blazer 4. H&M White Polka Dot Shirt  5. Mango Straight Suit Trousers


Shoes That Ellen Would Totally Go For







Pictures via Pinterest and PCAs