Pleated Pants And Ankle Boots

Posted by November 6, 2015 - How to walk in these trends, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
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As much as I love my skinny jeans, sometimes I long for the exact opposite. Wide legs, flowy fabrics and pleats are pretty nice details when it comes to legwear. In this outfit I opted for my new cropped pants from Zara with pleats in the front. What I also like about this kind of pants is that you can combine so many shoe styles with it: sneakers for a sporty, casual look, sandals in summer, heels when you go out and lace-ups or loafers for a classic attire. This time, I went with ankle boots, an Autumn classic when it comes to footgear. Ankle boots are super versatile and come in a great variety of styles. For example, an all-time classic are simple black ones with a pointed toe, like these by Vagabond. Lately I have a thing for silver shoes, and I really like the sturdy soles on this embossed pair by Gamloong. Or why not go a little Sporty Spice in this beige suede ones by Hilfiger? Well, you see, cropped loose-fit pants and ankle boots are a match made in heaven. I’ll have to wear that combo more often before the days are finally getting too cold to rock an ankle-free outfit. Luckily, only the pants will have to hibernate, because our ankle boots also adapt to opaque tights, thick socks and our beloved skinny jeans ;)

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