New Years Last Minute Emergency Outfits

Posted by December 30, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Pop Culture

We have all been waiting for this day, Christmas is over and we cannot wait to shout Hasta la vista 2016, Welcome 2017 while we toast with our champagne glasses to the air and welcome new wishes, adventures and fashion trends (Ha!). However, even though we want to be ready for the last day of the year in advance, it never happens – No judgment. Running late or buying something last minute sounds too familiar? No worries, we are also part of that club and that is exactly why we have created some wonderful super last minute New Years looks. Also have in mind, that if this actually does NOT happen to you and you are one of the people who has their outfit planned since the beginning of the month, you are from another planet, good for you.

Remember that New Years is a time to welcome new things and it is important to feel happy with your chosen outfit and whole look in order to be able to jump into the new year with all the good vibes. We like choosing darks hues for the final night of the year. Black is usually a total winner, however, dark blue, green, red or even grey and gold are colours you should totally consider for the night and of course…SPARKLE lots of it. Glitter, sparkle, glance and sequins are a total must.

So for all those late planners (like us) here are some of the best last minute looks we could think of. Get inspired and run down to you closets mall in order to be able to have everything by tonight. Happy last day of the year – time to enjoy the chicest countdown you have ever had…10, 9, 8, 7…

Look ONE

1. Rosie Fox Necklace 2. SMH Clutch 3. Bershka Black Polka Dress 4. Vigneron High Boots


Look TWO

1. Rosie Fox Midnight Garden Brooche 2. Zara Silver Jumpsuit 3.Lazzarini Sparkle Clutch 4. Buffalo Pumps



1. Rosie Fox Crystal Earrings 2. Bershka Black Tulle Skirt 3. Zara Sequin Blue Top 4. SMH Clutch 5. Gamloong Bootie