New Year, New Opportunities, New Shoes

Posted by January 4, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
New Year, New Opportunities, New Shoes

I like all things new. When I moved into a new flat a few months ago, I got rid of a lot of old stuff. I like to replace old things with new ones by giving away old stuff to people who are less fortunate. Giving away old stuff also means making space for new stuff. I also like to think that a new year will bring new opportunities that will help us grow, improve, and lead to a better me. A New Year is an opportunity for all of us to see things in a different way and to set new goals, also known as New Year’s Resolutions. A New Year is like turning a page in a book, or like using a blank page to write a new story. Buying new stuff is like breathing fresh air from an open window… so refreshing! Have you already thought about your New Year’s Resolution? Have you written them down on a notebook? Do you discuss it with someone you love, or keep them only for yourself as a well kept secret? Don’t ask for my new year’s resolution because for this year, I don’t have anything particularly. The only thing that’s constantly in my mind is the exciting idea of publishing my own book. Cool, right?  

Speaking about new stuff and new opportunities, what do you think about my totally new look? When I stepped into a shop last week with a friend, the only thing I had in my mind was to buy decorative stuff for my home, but instead of that I ended up buying this beautiful maxi wool dress. The reason that made me change my mind was my new pair of shoes from Humanic that matched perfectly with this dress. Shop the trend of white, rubber-soled shoes on the online Humanic shop and never look back. Being cool and staying comfortable is the message from me to you.


By The Viennese Girl