5 Simple Tricks To Make Your Shoes Last Forever

Posted by January 21, 2016 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

We all dream of the invincible shoe, but little do people know is that you can have it. With just a little effort it is possible to have a shoe last for a long time. Never again do we have to throw away our favorite shoes due to wear and tear. It’s best to follow these tips from the beginning of your shoe’s life:

1. Invest in quality shoes from the beginning

Well made shoes are made to last. Higher quality materials mean they are a more durable than the cheap shoes you expect to throw away at the end of the season. So if you want your pair to last choose a sturdy pair from a good retailer. 

2. Protect the sole

Yes, this means an extra step by going to the cobblers, but it is so much easier than having to replace the sole down the line.

3. Put your shoes back in the boxes every night

With a protective box around the shoes it saves them from accidents (getting snagged, stepped on, or pets) which all lead to the decline of your favorite pair. 

4. Fix problems immediately 

Well, this might be good advice for life in general it is definitely how you should approach problems with your shoes as well. If you see a problem starting to arise make sure to fix it as soon as possible to keep things from getting out of control. 

5. Use a water proofing spray

This will keep your shoes safe from the elements that lead to ugly water damage. A nice waxy spray will serve you well, just remember it doesn’t last forever and you should reapply the waterproofing at least once a year.

Take a look at these classic styles that can be by your side for years to come, just be sure to show them lots of love! Buy them now for the rest of winter or think ahead to spring and a pair of some strappy sandals – regardless of what you choose your shoes will definitely thank you!