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On our blog Broken Cookies there is a special category called ‘From a painting’. It is the most popular category and it gets thousands of clicks every day. Today we want to tell you how we came up with this whole idea and how it really works behind the scene.

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Everything started when we went for an exhibition at Leopold Museum in Vienna. We were admiring some lovely art pieces and first didn’t even realise a weird  guy who was standing right next to Sabinna and starring at her with wide open eyes. Then he would stare at the painting in front of him for a few seconds, and then back to Sabinna. We gave him a little smile to make the situation less awkward. He said: “Oh my god, is it you in this painting?“. The lady in the painting did actually look like Sabinna: same make-up, same hair cut and even the same colour of shirt! So the 3 of us stood there for a second, muted and surprised, then we said good bye and were more than excited about the idea that was just born in our brains.

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We went home, did some research online, picked some painted ladies and started to look through Sabinna’s wardrobe to find the matching pieces. You won’t believe how fast we found the perfect looks! Some pieces were so similar to the painted ones, that it was actually scary.

The outcome looked as exciting as the process itself – new looks (especially hair and make-up) were born through the great inspiration from a painting. Almost 20 of them are online so far and nowadays we get a bunch of emails from our readers with paintings that they would like to see in this category.

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