Posted by January 1, 2015 - Music, Pop Culture

It’s fate, bad luck or whatever but for some reason I’m never managing to see Male Bonding in action. In 2010 my anxieties were to blame (they supported Crystal Castles and I stood them up at an interview – soz guys). Since their 2011 album release ‘Endless Now’, the trio has been flying under the radar, save a couple of demos they put on youtube and single ‘The Itch’ last summer. That’s partly because Kevin Hendrick and Robin Christian embarked on a side project called Primitive Parts with Sauna Youth’s Lindsay Corstorphine, which released two 7″s this year.

Anyways, the trio have just put two new tracks online, a demo of ‘A Kick To The Face’ has been floating around for over a year and it sounds a bit like Teenage Fanclub but is obviously a truly Male Monding track. Track #2 is pondering about the prospect of romance and rejection: “I can see you looking at me/what if you like what you see/troubled times are clawing at me/nothing hurts ultimately…” A nervous wreck imbued with the prospect of hope, we see Male Bonding weigh up the pros and cons of striking up the courage to talk to a prospective lover and will definitely soundtrack the beginning of the new year.

By Frock & Roll