Re-Organize Your Wardrobe – The Carrie Bradshaw Way

Posted by September 8, 2016 - Fashion, Survival Kit, Things We L@VE

As we are heading towards the end of the summer we should start thinking about the Fall Must-Haves but also about the summer pieces that you should either keep or toss. Re-organizing the closet is never a fun thing to do, in fact; it is horrible (and sad in case we are saying bye to Summer). In order to start re-organizing your closet it is important to get some things clear and be honest to yourself, for instance; if you haven’t used the garment in the last year, you will not use it again so let it go!

Thinking about clearing out the wardrobe, there is a a special woman, that comes in mind immediately: Carrie Bradshaw. We always keep in mind the funny scenes of her dancing in the little Tutu in her closet in the Sex And The City movie. Inspired by the girls from this iconic show, we put together some tipps, as we think Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte would do:

When you start re-organizing your closet and changing the clothes from summer to fall, in this case, we suggest you separating your clothes by fashion states. There are five possible fashion situation/states for each of our possession and they are as follows.


IN LOVE State: You absolutely adore this item and you didn’t use it more because you were afraid to ruin it as you want it to last for ever. They fit to perfection and could not imagine your life without it.

What to do: Keep it, wash, fold with love and keep it in your extra closet, suitcase or saving space. 

ONE MORE CHANCE State: This state applies to something you bought last summer and sadly for whatever the reason is, it doesn’t fit anymore.

What to do: Keep it but strictly ONE MORE summer, after that they fall into the I Could Live Without It category. 

FASHION RASH State: These are those things you adored on the shops window and then used it once because you had no idea what to wear it with.

What to do: This is a tough category to fall in, but sadly it happens very often. We would suggest to try it again and if it cannot be saved with one of these fashion tricks, either giving it to any of your friends/siblings whom you know would love it and own it more than you. Trust us it will make you happy to see it on any of them as much as it would on yourself, or more!


I COULD LIVE WITHOUT IT State: These are the things you have carried on from summer to summer because you like them but have not wore them in the last three summer seasons.

What to do: Clearly it is a toss it situation. These items are simply not meant to be in your closet, more pretty things will come and these just do not fit there anymore. Pack them carefully and look for the fundraising or organization that you would rather give it too. Someone will sure be very happy to receive them.


SHAME TO WEAR BUT LOVE State: This applies to all those very old garments that you simply do not want to throw because they bring memories. Let’s be honest, you only use these to sleep or are simple stuck at the back of your wardrobe.

What to do: Toss them. If they are worth giving away, do it, if not…let it go (you will survive it!). Memories will not vanish by the simple fact of getting rid of them, they will always be there for you. It is time to let go off that XXL Tshirt that is now yellow instead of white and had been signed in different colours all over by your Summer´08 friends. 

By tossing it we would like to mention that we would never throw a piece of fashion, unless it is completely destroyed and is not worth giving away anymore. We would suggest giving it out or donating them. This will be the last part of your re-organizing closet process and we guarantee you a very rewarding feeling after your clothes have reached another person.

Once all these are completed, CONGRATULATIONS you have calmly made it into fall with a perfect closet and making other people happy, best feeling ever right?


Pictures via Vogue, Pinterest