Embracing Minimalism

Posted by May 17, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
minimalism espadrilles

Last week, on my way back home, I passed by Museumsquartier. Suddenly I was stopped by a boy and a girl, and the girl asked me if they can take some street style photos of me. Naturally, I asked them from which magazine they are because I was curious to know. They told me but, honestly, right now I don’t remember. I kindly said no. You know guys, I keep my outfits for you only ; ) 

You usually see me wearing floral dresses, lace dresses, lemon print dresses and the story goes on. All beautiful and good. But I have those moments of minimalism as well when I just have to jump in a taxi, run to the city center, get some things done and then quickly get back home to finish the rest of the work. There are moments when I don’t have a lot of time to think, so what I do is actually picking the key pieces from my closet. I simply put on my favourite blue jeans which goes with everything, my beige trench coat which is just as convenient and my new pair of Humanic shoes, which is this pair of white espadrilles that you see in the photos. Minimalism here you go!

Ideal and comfy, they will help you to make the transit from winter boots to summer sandals and they are a good alternative to ballet flats, just in case you are bored of them, just saying : ) Use them as a fashion item to add a feeling of extra comfort to your busy daily schedule. I absolutely love those white espadrilles from Humanic, they became my favourites for this season and I already plan to take them with me to the next travel adventure! 


By The Viennese Girl