The Coolest Winter Sales Items In Town

Posted by January 24, 2017 - Austria, Germany, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

January is a cold and snowy month, specially on this side of the world (and if you live in south Italy, lucky you but you might feel too tempted by these sales pieces we are about to show you. Just saying!). We have to admit we are shoe shopping addicts, but if you had a look at the Humanic online store you would totally get why.  However, the fact is that even if it is a very cold month where everyone tends to hibernate, it is a GREAT month to spend you pay check on the SALES. Yep, and all this without leaving your couch, because (here comes the good news…) Humanic has ALL their sales pieces on the online shop for all those who flee from the cold and the streets while it is so chilly outside. This winter has been especially cold and that is the reason why we have searched and chosen the best on sale winter pieces on the Humanic online shop for you.

So lets get comfy and homey, because we bring you the best Tuesday evening plan of the month. Make yourself a nice hot drink and jump into your warm slippers. Only once you are under your thermal blanket, grab your computer, play your Winter Chill Out playlist and get ready because…we are doing some shopping!

So here are the best on sale buys you could probably go for this month. We cannot guarantee you not obsessing for less than 3 pieces, so if you wipe out your credit card, in our defence let us just say that we advised you. Happy shopping you winter fugitives! 

Timberland Nubukleder Boots

Were €199,00 Now €179,00

Ara Booties

Were €99,95 Now €74,95

Lazzarini Block Heel Booties

Were €99,95 Now €74,95

Gamloong Brown Boots

Were €99,95 Now €49,95

Gamloong Glattleder Boots

Were €99,95 Now €49,95

Tommy Hilfiger High Heel

Were €130,00 Now €99,95

Unisa Sami Boots

Were €150,00  Now €99,95

Gamloong Black Booties

Were €79,95 Now €59,95

Emu Deman Mini

Were €150,00 Now €99,95




Pat Calvin High Boots

Were €150,00 Now €99,95