Balls, Parties, Glamour and Sparkle Season

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Ball, Party, Glamour

It is that time of the year again, yep, no matter how quickly your year went by and how scary it may seem, 2017 is around the corner guys. The festive season has started, November 11th, 11.11 am was the official kick-off of carnival season, which means that from now on until February all the fancy and funny dancing events as balls and parties are going on. Also masquerade balls and costume parties are being held and we can’t wait to dress up for all these upcoming events - Any excuse for looking pretty is great. Although it might be a little early to start thinking of the balls you will be attending, we think it is important to start considering your outfit. Not only balls after all, December is a month full of parties and swish get-togethers that everybody loves to attend and dedicates some extra effort on looking astonishing.

Believe it or not, Humanic is already prepared for the season of glamour and parties and that makes ourselves life so much easier. We will find the coolest pairs of shoes of this new trend in Humanic for you to be able to start planning your outfit for the upcoming parties. We would totally suggest some sparkles and shine - The good old Cinderella style is always a winner. Do not be scared to style sparkles, we believe they look great the more they stand out, so try combining them with some strong, matte colours. Blacks, grey, dark greens and even reds, are perfect hues to blend with some sparkly pumps.

Personally at Trendsylvania, we are totally IN LOVE with dark grey sparkles and we cannot wait to be able to get ourselves a dark green velvet long dress and rock it with the grey sparkly shoes from Humanic. We will also like confess that we have already planned our Pre-Christmas party outfit, which happens to fall into the Balls season – We just had to, too tempting not to. Our planned outfit includes a midi length black dress with an open back and some very princessy gold sparkly pumps. Bring on the parties and let the glamour roll!

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