Back To School – Get The Chic School Look

Posted by September 5, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes
back to school

Today is Monday 5th of September, remember how nervous/excited you used to be some years ago by this time? It is the first day of school today and while many toddlers (and some not quite toddlers anymore) are heading towards school with their new pair of sneakers and school bags they will be carrying around for the next nine months, we have found some very back-to-schoolish items that you can totally pull off as an adult.

I remember the back to school day as a terrible day in our childhood, it was like someone was pulling us out of the most fun and free moments of our life where all we got to do was wake up, watch the worst 2000s TV programs in history and head to the beach after that (I was lucky enough to grow up at the beach…Good times!). But on the other hand, I can also remember my (little) self standing in front of my shared bedroom mirror, already planning what to wear days before the first day of school. But lets just tele transport ourselves back to 2016, where we are fortunate to say that we have found the way of rocking some very classic back-to-school inspired items introducing them in our every day outfits (although you didn’t know until now).

The good point of back-to-school items is that they are pretty much classics and as you may already know, classics are always a winner.  Let us list you some of our favourite pieces we could think of. In terms of shoe wear; loafers and sneakers were and are a total school must-have and… wait for it…the are totally trending right now! How superb is that?

In terms of clothes there are many items that could be used in such a cool day like today. Varsity jackets or Bombers for example, white shirts, blazers or button up skirts are all very back to school and here are eight killing ideas for you to start rocking the To School for Cool style this week.



Mango Textured Grey Blazer


2.Varsity Style Jacket/Bomber

OFF-WHITE Varsity Bomber Jacket



Nike Air Max Thea


4.White Shirt

Zara Poplin White Shirt



S.Oliver Rucksack



Michael Kors Callahan Loafer


7.Button Up Skirts TS05R36IMDT_Zoom_F_1

Topshop Vintage Wash Button Front Skirt



Lazzarini Cap

Pictures via Pinterest