Adidas Gazelle Are Back And Ready To Be The Next Must-Have

Posted by July 15, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends
adidas gazelle

Beware Vintage Lovers! The success of the eternal Stan Smith Adidas sneakers have pushed another 90s hit to re-appear again, stronger and cooler than ever.

Adidas Gazelles will be back in its purest state representing the old school style that could be traced through the 90s decade in different urban groups. They will be relaunched in the original style; 3 white stripes on the sides, its suede touch and its slightly discoloured rubber sole.

Adidas have chosen to create a revamp campaign using an old 1993 picture of Kate Moss wearing a pair of red Gazelles. The picture has been adapted to a collage by the artist Doug Abraham who has already worked for the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Gazelles were initially released in the 60s but then re-launched in the 90s when they became a huge hit within the urban tribes, so get ready because this classic piece will be soon landing in the shops this summer and you do not want to be the last one to join la fête.

We are being handed over a trend that we were probably too young to enjoy but it sure represents us a a bunch of cool kids born in the 1990-1999 decade, lets make the most out of it now. We are the authentic 90s children!

‘Gazelles were THE trainer we all wore in the 90s.

They have a timeless look that just doesn’t date.

I was and always have been an adidas girl.’

—Kate Moss


Are You Hooked Now? Go Ahead And Get Your Gazelles! 


ADIDAS Gazelle OG Sneakers in turquoise-blue



ADIDAS Gazelle OG Sneakers in light grey

Pictures via Fashionista, Adidas, Vogue France, Pinterest, Liprandodevelopment, LoveCadessi, OkFashionStyle, Le Fashion, Wheredidugetthat