5 Tips That Would Immediately Boost Your Confidence

Posted by February 2, 2017 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

Sometimes we need someone to remind us that we are special and we are beautiful in many different ways and we should always surround ourself with people that spread these type of good vibes. Today our style mission of the day is telling you exactly what to do to automatically boost your confidence to a whole new level. Here are five things that will not only upgrade your personal style to the maximum but also burst your confidence to the sky on a rough day.


Use Your Features

Everybody has a special feature. It could be your long or slim legs, your feminine waist, your beautiful arms or even something about your upper body, like face or neck that deserves some extra show off. What ever is the case, you should learn to accentuate this attribute and use it  in the smartest way possible. Try buying garments that give you that special touch accentuating your best feisty feature.



Guess Pumps  /  SMH Pumps


Go Colourful

Do not be afraid to add some colour to your winter outfits, colour gives a great touch of energy and it can add some extra strength to any outfit. There is no such thing like too much colour, there is always a way to work it out.

Lazzarini Textil Pump  /  Gamloong Velvet Slipper


When In Doubt, Go For Black

We all have those days, when we have officially tried everything in our wardrobe and still “have nothing to wear”. What a dramatic situation. Here is the solution, go for black. Nice and simple, get your black jeans out and black t-shirt out and match them together. Add some chunky jewellery pieces and the miracle will be completed, you will look absolutely amazing and powerful in that outfit.


Pat Calvin Loafer  /  Gamloong Platform Slipper


No such thing like “Too elegant”

There is literally no such thing like being too elegant. Clearly, every garments has its moment and its occasion but this would never mean that you are too elegant. The more elegant the better. A very cool way of upgrading elegant pieces and making them an everyday possibility is mixing it with a casual garment. A pair of jeans will never fail you for example.


Andres Machado Pumps  /  Buffalo Booties


Work On Your Attitude

If is a must to sail through the world of fashion and style in order to arrive to your perfect port. By this we mean that you should work on your personal style and your own attitude towards fashion. You should ask yourself, what do I want to show or how do I want to be seen from outside in terms of attitude? These will help you get to a conclusion and a rocking attitude in terms of style.

Vigneron Lacked Pumps  /  Chuck Taylor AS Core Black 

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