12 Tricks For How to (Fashionably) Survive Summer

Posted by June 7, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
Tricks Fashionably survive summer

We all love summer and can hardly await the time to fully seize it in all it’s facets. Hot days and warm nights are what we waited so long for that we almost forgot about the cons that come along with the sunny season. For making the 

1. DIY Your Racer Back Bra

You want to wear this super cute narrow cut top but don’t know how to avoid exposing your bra straps? Use a paperclip to tie together the straps on the back under your shoulder bones! 

2. Keep Your White Sneakers Clean

Of course, after wearing them a lot on your city trip vacations, your sneakers won’t look that proper any more. For cleaning them you should follow our guide for how to make them look like new or try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


3. Break In Your Heels

To make your new summer sandals pain free right from the first step, break them in properly by following this hack.

4. …And Make Them Even More Comfortable

 It really works: tape together your third and fourth toe to avoid pain in the front part of the sole of your foot. This way the sensitive, pain-causing nerve between the toes gets bemused. 

5. Fight Sweat Stains With Lemons

Sometimes sweat stains are so tenacious that even the washing machine will fail to remove them. A mix of water and lemon juice, sprayed on the underarm area (or other sweat stain parts) will help. By gently rubbing to soaked fabric together the stains will start to lift. After this, the washing machine will do the rest. Very resistent stains need a longer soaking time – salt helps for the scrubbing. 


6. …Or Aspirin

As an alternative to the lemon juice you can use Aspirin to remove sweat stains. Five tablets in a sink full of water and have the same effect as an OxiClean solution. Let you shirt soak overnight, wash it the next day and it will be as good as new!

7. Use Antiperspirant At The Right Time

This is no joke: By applying deo already at night, it performs better the next day. Deodorant works by stopping moisture escaping from the body. Because the skin is drier and sweat glands are less active at night the antiperspirant has enough time to clog the sweat ducts. Goodbye you nasty stains! 


8. And Use It For Your Face

A little bit of deo, applied on your face with the fingers, works wonders for an oily t-zone. It prevents shine by mattifying the skin and makes make up last longer.

9. Freeze Your Shoes 

By putting your smelly shoes in the freezer the odor-causing bacteria dies and the moisture in the fabrics dries out. 


10. Combat Odors With Vodka

Spray or drizzle a water-vodka mixture over your piece of clothing to make it fresh(er) again and postpone doing your laundry for one day. 

11. Keep Your Face Fresh With Tea

But this time, you don’t need to drink it. Cool peppermint tea in the fridge, pour it into a spray bottle and sparkle it over your face whenever you need a little refreshment. There are various effects: It cools the skin and moistures it without being sticky and it smells amazing. 

12. Take Advantage Of The Birk & Stalk Trend

When it’s really hot your feet tend to swell and feel heavy. In the heat of summer walking on it’s own can be challenging, even more exhausting it is when wearing big or high shoes. Thank god for Birkenstocks! They are comfortable (and therefore make walking fleet-footed) and prevent a light and fresh feeling of the feet. No use to add, that they are also very trending.


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